What is the Real Cost of Living in Diamond Head?

What is the Real Cost of Living in Diamond Head?

The appeal of marvelous Diamond Head, Hawaii, has been long lasting, especially when it comes to the luxury real estate market. The area’s crystal clear water, extraordinary volcanic views, and unique history among Oahu landmarks together make Diamond Head (also known as “Lēʻahi” in the native Hawaiian) a truly special place.

But what does it cost to live in this miniature paradise on earth? The answer is complex, of course, and it depends on a variety of factors that aren’t always the most straightforward. Below, read everything you need to know about the cost of living in Diamond Head.

Housing: Home purchase price

In a part of the country as exotic and desirable as Hawaii, it’s common to encounter property values that exceed the average in many states of the lower 48. This is particularly true in the world of high end luxury real estate where the purchase price of a home can easily double those you might find elsewhere. The pristine environment, vibrant local economy, and year round pleasant weather make living in Diamond Head well worth the price.

Looking closer at Diamond Head, the cost of housing remains high compared to other areas of the U.S. like California and Florida with a similarly thriving real estate market. The median home price sits at $1.1m on Oahu, which is in the middle range relative to other areas, such as the Hawaii state average ($460k average home price) and Kauai ($1.5m average home price).

Utilities cost 

Second on the expert guide to the cost of living in Diamond Head are the average monthly charges you can expect to pay for basic utilities. Of course, these figures will vary widely depending on your energy use, the location of your property, and other extenuating factors such as ambient temperature and building materials.

Since utilities like electricity and phone bills come at a premium in Hawaii (compared to mainland states), it’s no wonder that these prices fall somewhat outside the norm. Adding up all electricity charges for a year, Diamond Head residents pay about 116% more than the national average of $170 monthly (which comes out to just under $370). Mobile phone charges end up being close to $180 per month, which is on par with the rest of the country.

Basic grocery costs

The cost of food is another element of the total cost of living in Diamond Head that can be difficult to predict. But it’s entirely possible to give a good estimate of what new residents can expect to pay when moving to this part of Hawaii. Below, see more detailed information about the average cost of basic grocery items for sale in Diamond Head and nearby.
  • Ground beef: $5.40 per pound, up 25% from the national average
  • Milk: $3.90 per gallon, up 60% compared to the rest of the U.S.
  • Potatoes: $9.20 per pound, more than 180% above the national average
  • Fried chicken: $2.20 per small order, about 78% higher than average

Transit and transportation

While the costs associated with transportation in Diamond Head may not be as extreme in Hawaii compared to other larger parts of the country, these charges certainly do add up if you are a frequent user of vehicles on the island. As of 2023, the average cost of basic transportation and gasoline in Diamond Head remain above the national average as they have for decades. The cost of gas in particular has hovered at about 35% higher than the lower 48, at $3.67 per gallon while the national mean has dropped slightly to nearly $2.75 per gallon. A traditional tire balancing and rotation is also a bit higher than average at $67 compared to $51 in the rest of the country.

Ready to find your next home?

This research should serve as a good jumping off point should you decide to learn more about the cost of living in Diamond Head, Hawaii. Yet there remains a few last minute pieces of information to reveal about living in this part of the country. Here is a quick look:
  • Diamond Head has a lower cost of living than Honolulu but a higher cost of living compared to the nearby cities of Waipio Acres, Waimalu, and Hawaii County.

  • The cost of healthcare in Diamond Head is above the national average when it comes to doctor visits, basic prescription refills, and specialist visits but below the national average for dental treatments.

  • Basic goods and services costs in Diamond Head vary widely, yet a trip to the movies costs about 35% more than the national average ($14.90 per ticket), a bowling game costs 26% more, and a haircut costs 21% less.
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